Full Events Listing by Day

We are so excited to begin listing the great events of Bon Soo 2016 - keep checking for updates!!

Download our Full Events List for an overview of the events during Bon Soo 2016.  

Visit one of the links below to view our events listed by day:

Day 1 - Thursday, February 4th

Day 2 - Friday, February 5th (P.D. Day)

Day 3 - Saturday, February 6th

Day 4 - Sunday, February 7th

Day 5 - Monday, February 8th

Day 6 - Tuesday, February 9th

Day 7 - Wednesday, February 10th

Day 8 - Thursday, February 11th

Day 9 - Friday, February 12th

Day 10 - Saturday, February 13th

Day 11 - Sunday, February 14th

Day 12 - Monday, February 15th (Family Day)

It is not too late, but it will be soon - Have a great event idea?  Now is the time to chat with us, please email

Curious about Bon Soo?  The full 2016 Bon Soo Winter Carnival Program will be available for download soon!


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