In the Beginning...

As a new year begins we are so excited for the approaching Carnival on February 3, but we can't help to think back over our history.

It all started with Mr. Henry Bullock, who was asked by the Chamber of Commerce to create something to stimulate local business and liven up our dreary winters, did he ever! Mr. Bullock was a family man, a businessman, our founder, and a bowtie enthusiast. You may have noticed I even wore a bowtie during the 2014 Carnival in Mr. Bullock's honour.

He was a participant in our 50th Anniversary Celebrations, and the time he spent with our current Staff remains an inspiration. Our Community lost Mr. Bullock in 2013, but his presence will live on in his own Family, but also in this Bon Soo Family that he created - thank you Mr. Bullock!

A SooToday photo of Mr. Bullock, and a photo of me in my bowtie as an homage to Mr. Bullock. Thanks Marilyn Davis for creating this custom bowtie.

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