Bon Soovenirs - "the store"

Mr. Bon Soo poses with apparel

Once upon a time...

There was a Bon Soo store in the Station Mall - it was great, offering a wide variety of merchandise and staffed entirely by Volunteers. It was a wonderful time in our history!

"Our Store" required a list of things to work: space available and donated by our great friends at the Station Mall, bringing in quantities of inventory so there was a good selection of sizes, great Volunteers (who knew how to use the debit terminal) giving up a great deal of their time, (they did!!)...a lot of moving parts!

In 2009, our friends at the former Athlete's Foot became our retail partner, so we were able to maintain a presence in the Mall. During that time, our office moved out of our longtime home at the Mall.

People often ask "why don't" we have a store anymore?

Believe me, it would be great to have a store, we loved it as much as you did!

The simple answer is that we don't "have a store" any longer for the same reason you don't - as great as it is, there are very real costs.

Even with the great support we had, and wonderful Volunteer "staff" maintaining the cost of merchandise, and trying to offer some variety in products and sizes was simply cost prohibitive. Even our partners at the former Athlete's Foot found that devoting the amount of space and investment required were too much for a small business to carry, when sales only take place for a very short time during the year.

It is just one of those situations, where what we might like and what we can afford are two different things, we know everyone understands that.

But, the story has a happy ending...

Walmart North came forward and offered to carry our souvenir apparel! As a huge retailer, they are able to offer a wider range of sizes than we have ever had, and at great price points, so more people are able to show their Bon Soo Spirit! As our partnership continues to evolve, we hope to offer more items, including toques - by popular demand!

So please continue to share with us what you might like to see in the future, and we love to see photos of people in their vintage Bon Soo clothes, especially the pom pom toque!

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